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Dear Client!

We hereby inform you that due to system development works scheduled on 23 July 2024, between 0:45 AM and 6:15 AM there might be temporary system failures at the SimplePay online payment system.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dear Client!

Bank Transfer Payment Option:
For the receipt of an application, the Directorate-General can consider transfers made only to the following bank account:10023002-00283511-02000006. Please indicate the EH (EnterHungary) case number, the name and the date of birth in the comment section. It is important for the identification of the applications that only one fee for a single case can be paid per transfer (as in the past). Insufficiently submitted applications or payments made in an unidentifiable manner shall not be considered as submitted applications by the Directorate-General – similarly to applications submitted on the EnterHungary platform.

Dear Clients,

we hereby inform you that the following cases are exempt from payment of administrative fee:

  • issue of residence permit or extension of residence permit of Ukrainian citizens
  • issue of residence permit or extension of residence permit for purpose of studies, or employment of Belorussian citizens
  • applications for issue or extension of residence permits for purpose of studies of those, who receive Hungarian State Scholarship e.g. Stipendium Hungaricum, or the ones who have for-study ministerial sponsorship
In the above cases, the administrative fee does not have to be paid off!

Dear Employers,
We hereby inform You that in order to report the beginning and the termination of employing a person who is a beneficiary of temporary protection a separate form is available under the case type “Announcement”. We kindly ask you that regarding beneficiaries of temporary protection report the beginning and the termination of the employment solely by using the designated form! The National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing hereby thank you your cooperation by complying with the above mentioned rules.

This system helps you submit your application for a residence permit in Hungary electronically, without queuing. If you wish to enter Hungary or the Schengen Area from abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade will help you.

You can submit your e-application as a private person or a preferred employer/temporary work agency, as well as a legal representative. You need to make a registration before submitting the first application. The registration procedure varies in the case of a

Menedékes regisztrálás (How to submit a simplified application for recognition)

Related to the use of the website, the user guide includes a detailed description.