Registration for preferred employers or temporary work agencies

If you wish to submit an application for residence permit to your foreign employee as a preferred employer, please, first send your demand for registration

Pursuant to Article 72/H (10) of the no. 114/2007. (V. 24.) Government Decree, a preferred employer is:
  1. a strategic partner of the Government (an employer having a valid strategic partnership agreement with the Government: );
  2. an employer employing a customer base in a shortage occupation (an employer that plans to employ in Hungary a developing country national from a country neighbouring Hungary in any of the professions provided for in a communication by the Ministry for National Economy – in the case of employing Serbian and Ukrainian nationals in the specified jobs);
  3. an employer implementing an investment project of preferential status (an employer implementing an investment of preferential status for national economy considerations);
  4. the host, if the aim of the inter-company transfer is to get the permanent residence permit for the employee (the host entity that plans to provide employment to an inter-corporate transfer into Hungary).
No electronic request can be submitted in the following procedures:
  • Replacement and substitute of residence permit;
  • Schengen visa
  • Asylum procedure